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Pumpkin—A Surprising Superfood That Lightens Depression, Subdues Inflammation and Discourages Kidney Stones

Pumpkin isn't just for pie or jack-o-lanterns. Full of vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals and fiber -- this superfood should be consumed happily and often. The nutrients found in pumpkin prevent and alleviate conditions such as cancer, inflammation, kidney stones, depression, skin complaints and parasitic infections. Since autumn is the traditional time for pumpkin, the opportunity is ripe to take pleasure in all the bright, health-enhancing benefits of this humble vegetable.

Tunisian Pumpkin Soup with Spelt Soda Bread

As the days turn blustery and chill, I could not resist adding this warming recipe to the collection. There is something about a spicy, smooth soup with pumpkin that tends to be especially inspiring during the Fall season. The chipotle pepper lends a bit of smokiness. For those of you who need a more mild version, omit the red pepper flakes. 
A recipe for spelt soda bread follows—the perfect compliment to a steaming bowl of soup. Spelt is a wonderful heirloom grain and is usually well tolerated by those who have a sensitivity to standard wheat.

Tunisian Pumpkin Soup with Spelt Irish Soda Bread

As the days turn blustery with a sharp note in the air, I couldn’t resist adding a warming recipe to our collection. There’s something about a spicy, pureed soup with fall vegetables that I find especially inspiring at this time of the year. If you need a more tame version, skip the pepper flakes—the soup is just as wonderful without the kick. I’ve also included a quick and simple spelt soda bread, which rounds out the recipe for a complete light meal—especially when accompanied with a nice smear of pasture butter. For those of you unfamiliar with spelt, it’s a wonderful, heirloom grain related to wheat, yet usually well-tolerated by those who have a sensitivity to run-of-the-mill varieties.

Pumpkin and Black Rice Tamale with Superfood Cilantro Sauce

Just in time for All Hallows' Eve, festive black and orange tamales. Both pumpkin and black rice are known in Chinese medicine as being particularly helpful for the autumn and winter months. Pumpkin is grounding and rich while black rice nourishes the kidney's. Learn more about all the amazing health benefits of pumpkin here.

A Healthful Season of Harmony and Light

The winter solstice is almost upon us. I love this time of year. In the past, I was lucky enough to live in a very seasonal place, complete with snow at about this time. There is nothing quite like a brisk day, clear skies and white everywhere. We embrace the winter solstice as a time of quiet harmony, nourishing food, gratefulness, and candlelight. I thought it might be enjoyable to share the history of this festival along with a bit of contemporary inspiration for a delightfully healthy feast and celebration.

The winter solstice provides an opportunity to nurture connection and well-being through gatherings with family and friends. Winter solstice falls on or around the 21 of December in the Northern Hemisphere and represents perseverance, new beginnings, and the return of light-filled days. Traditional festivals of the winter solstice focus on the cycles of nature, specifically the rebirth of the sun god who symbolizes warmth, light, and sustenance of life.