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    1. Enjoyed your article on NN fingering metals as causing inflammation. I take a tbs of zeolite daily with psyllium as a P & Z shake and when I started I noticed a calming of my nerves. I'm getting detox symptoms of fatigue and headaches so I know something's happening. While the symptoms are no fun at least I'm getting a reaction vs nothing as in many remedies.

      Your article makes a crucial link between common diseases and metal contamination that few are aware of. I believe it's no accident that we're inundated with metal contamination and suspect the poisoning is deliberate and not just for the immediate benefit of chemical industries. If you follow the bigger money, disabling the public's health prevents awareness and removal of elite global banker scams like the Federal Reserve. I believe these criminals are ultimately behind the suppression of curative medicine such as raw milk and medical cannabis. This criminal elite disable our health as early as possible with hepatitis shots at birth and contaminate infant formula with cupric acid pesticide. You'll never convince the public there is a poisoning agenda occurring though.

      You're right about being the change you want to see in the world because as Will Rogers said, "Argument rarely convinces anyone, only observation". I don't believe natural medicine will ever take off until people visably become rejuvenated - which I believe is possible. This world has an ideal nature demonstrated in the garden of eden and this won't re-appear until purity is restored. I'm counting on metal detox to reverse my arthritis, deafness and obesity and suspect detoxing metals it's the key. I'll keep you posted.
      Dan Golay

      1. Thanks so much Dan for connecting and your comment. We are both certainly on the same page about the concerns you have voiced here.

        I didn't make the connection with heavy metals and inflammation until recently — it's a much bigger problem than most people realize. I actually have come to believe heavy metals are at root of most of our modern diseases, so I am very happy to hear that you are detoxing with zeolite and working to clear the metals from your system.

        Yes, please do keep me posted. Wishing you a healthy 2014 and beyond!

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