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Looking For A Way To Slim Down, Boost Clarity And Renew Vitality? A Healthy Thyroid May Be the Secret

Feeling sluggish with perpetual brain fog? What about weight gain, depression and hair loss? If suffering from these ailments, a lethargic thyroid may be the culprit. Modern lifestyles and toxins as well as gluten can wreck havoc on the gland and, in turn, health. Yet the ill effects of modern living can be counteracted with a few simple adjustments. Two of the best methods are though diet and stress reduction.

On of the largest glands in the body, the thyroid is located on the front side of the neck, sitting just below the Adam's apple. It produces hormones that influence metabolism, digestion and immune response. When the thyroid is stagnant, it leads to:

Transform Your Life in 10 Minutes With Ancient ‘Youthing’ Practice

If you need more zest and zip in your life, the secret to these states and more can be found in a set of simple (yet profound) yogic exercises known as the "Five Tibetans." Developed by Buddhist monks and brought to the West in the 1930s, Tibetan yoga is a series of five movements that improve digestion and circulation while dispelling fatigue and depression. Advocates of the practice rave about the boundless energy, clarity and vitality the short daily sessions produce. And many also believe Tibetan yoga reverses the hands of time, promoting an ageless and disease free body.

Could a hug a day keep infection away?

By Dr. Mercola

Infants deprived of touch typically experience developmental delays. Their growth is often impaired, as is their cognitive development. Rates of serious infections and attachment disorders also increase in children who have been deprived of this apparently innate need.

Is mold making you sick?

Suffering from brain fog, chronic fatigue or insomnia? How about depression, migraines or inflammation? If so, you may have a problem with an internal mold infection.

Associated with an astounding number of health issues, mold toxicity is a common -- although often hidden -- source of declining health. Thriving in humid climates, or wherever water damage is present, the fungus releases spores into the environment, which infiltrate the air, along with carpet and furniture, clothing, mattresses and bedding. People living or working within these spaces inhale the spores, which then reproduce in the body and (for the more harmful varieties) subsequently release mycotoxins. Mold and mycotoxins can be ingested through contaminated food as well. You can learn more about this hazard here.

Estrogen overload - How environment and lifestyle contribute to hormonal imbalance while devastating the health of both men and women

Estrogen is typically considered a female hormone, vital for the reproductive system. Yet with the widespread use of plastics and pesticides, estrogen dominance is now a serious issue for both men and women. Excessive levels not only increase the incidence of breast, colon and prostate cancer, but also foster weight gain, fatigue, irritability and mental instability. Present in a variety of consumer goods like cosmetics, shampoos, oil-based coatings and animal products, we are bombarded by chemical estrogens at every turn. Minimizing the damaging effects is a three-fold process: limit exposure, detoxify and balance with progesterone. Continue »