Italy gives us one more victory in our fight to defeat Monsanto

(Higher Perspective) The Agriculture Ministry of Italy has decided that enough is enough and are looking to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified crops from their nation. With 80% of Italian citizens in complete support of this ban, Italy’s government doesn’t feel like it has all that much to lose.

A decree has now been signed that effectively bans Monsanto’s genetically modified corn, which is currently legally grown and sold throughout the European union. The decree isn’t a binding one just yet, but the public stands behind it in a big way. The agricultural ministry rightfully addressed one of many problems with Monsanto’s GMO crops, stating that they have a “negative impact on biodiversity.”

If European nations are able to start making moves like this, why can’t we do it here in the United States? Take a moment to thank Italy for standing up to GMO biotech corporations and spread the news of this great victory against Monsanto!


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