Ready For A Good Spring Cleaning? Spruce Up The Liver With These Tips

It may be hard to believe, but we are already into springtime. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), each season coordinates with a specific organ and spring just so happens to be the time of the liver. If this organ becomes imbalanced, anger, rage, irritation and depression can set in. While new plants are blooming, sprouting and thrusting upward, the liver deserves much needed tender, loving care to shake off the heaviness of winter. Natural remedies and lifestyle adaptations are the perfect complement to this process. Keep in mind, when the liver is untroubled, we can launch into vibrant beginnings with renewed zest and balanced pleasure.

The connection between spring, vigorous growth and anger

Ever find yourself hot under the collar and unusually irritated when springtime starts up? Through the power of observation, TCM discovered the liver rules intense emotional states like anger, resentment, irascibility, annoyance and fury. It is also linked with depression. Since spring is exceptionally yang (expansive and outward moving) in quality, the liver can become imbalanced during such a season of lively growth. Add the effects of a sluggish winter and this vital, cleansing organ is further compromised. Spring is often windy, another aggravating element. Nevertheless, if we are attentive to the specific needs of the liver, we can transition beautifully into an energetic and healthy fresh start -- brimming with optimism, grace and well being.

The secret behind a contented liver

After the heavy, rich and weighty food of winter, spring is the time to lighten up. Think green for a happy liver. Artichoke, dandelion, celery, collard, dill, mint, seaweed, watercress and spring onion are all outstanding for keeping the liver operating smoothly and efficiently. Superfoods like blue-green algae, chlorella, spirulina and cereal grasses such as barley, wheat and alfalfa should play an active role in the diet too. Avoid eggs, meat and dairy. Instead, choose fish such as salmon and sardines, soaked nuts and seeds along with avocados. Eat more raw, lightly steamed foods and forgo baked, braised, fried or overly fatty meals. Freshly juiced vegetables (especially beets) and fruits are an excellent way to unclog the liver and keep the system buzzing. For an added boost, take the herb milk thistle for ultimate cleansing. Consuming lemon water along with plenty of fluids is also beneficial.

If we do not seize the opportunity to rest and recharge during winter, the liver will have a harder time shifting smoothly into spring. Additional effort will be required to create equilibrium. Yoga, meditation, gratitude practices, exercise and extra time spent in nature are good remedies. Likewise, laughter, play and all forms of creativity tend to be nourishing as well. Reducing stress is crucial.

Ultimately, we have a choice during this seasonal transition. We can let tempers flare and irritations consume us, or we can opt for a tranquil path of balance and health. When we actively soothe the liver, especially during the spring, we can cultivate a dynamic warmth in our interactions while achieving long-term goals with finesse and flow.

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