Wellness Trends To Try This Year

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There are new health and wellness trends emerging all the time, from milk alternatives to online classes. New ways to manage your mental and physical health are always popular, whether as part of a trend or on the advice of medical professionals. What trends are worth trying this year?

Flexitarian Diets

A flexitarian is someone who eats a mix of vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian diets. While not a new trend, it is become more popular, partly due to the rise of veganism and more people taking the environmental impact of the meat, dairy, and fishing industries more seriously. 

A flexitarian eats a mostly plant-based diet but will sometimes incorporate meat, fish, or dairy products. It allows people to make their own rules based on their own health and is a way to lower your carbon footprint without dropping anything from your diet. 

Eating flexitarian is simpler to do now as more big-name food brands expand their plant-based ranges.


Sustainability has become more and more popular, with people looking at how greener living can help them to both improve their health and live a more eco-friendly life at the same time. For example, many people have chosen to swap to homemade or more natural cleaning products in their home, to reduce their own exposure to chemicals and the chemicals that get released into the environment. 

A lot of sustainable choices in your home can improve the air quality, which is great for those who suffer from allergies. Encourage your place of work to improve the air quality there too, so you aren’t breathing in nasties in the office. Breathing stale air from the off A/C can lead to headaches, or in extreme cases, old offices can expose you to asbestos. If this has happened to you and you’ve become ill, look for reliable mesothelioma attorneys.

Mental Health

One of the most popular trends for this year that is only getting more popular is solution-focused hypnotherapy. 

Hypnotherapy focuses on what the client wants to achieve rather than on what the problem is that made them seek help in the first place. A combination of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy is a popular way for people to take on their problems and move on in a helpful way. 

Online Fitness Classes

Last year saw a many people head online to get in their workout. With continued lockdown measures, it seems likely that fitness instructors and personal trainers will stay online for most of 2021 and beyond. 

Heading onto YouTube for a pre-recorded workout is a good way to get your exercise every day at a time that works for you, and has been for a while. For 2021, it’s likely that we will see a big increase in live group fitness options. Peloton is going nowhere.

Remember that trends always come and go, and while it can be fun to try a new trend, you don’t have to ditch your tried and tested methods that work for you. 

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