Natural Remedies to Help Maintain Youthful, Wrinkle-Free Skin

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Ideally we want our skin complexion to remain effortlessly youthful and wrinkle free for as long as possible. There certainly is an abundance of creams on the market that play into this vulnerability. Be that as it may, many times the best remedies are those of the natural sort. By choosing natural options, we can avoid harsh chemicals and toxins. Continue reading for fresh and natural inspiration for skincare. 

Facial Skin: The Power of Lemon 

An ingredient that many of us already have at home are lemons. Due to its high Vitamin C content, lemons can boost the natural levels of collagen throughout your body. Collagen is particularly beneficial for the skin because it encourages skin repair and elasticity, which creates a more youthful appearance.  Simply apply a small amount of lemon juice to your face. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and apply your usual moisturizer. Do this at least once a day to reap the benefits. 

Aloe Vera

Alternatively you could use aloe vera. Many beauty products on the market add aloe vera as it helps to create a more youthful complex. There is a good reason for this. The leaves of the aloe vera plant contain a gel which is abundant in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also contains folic acid and choline which combined, works wonders at repairing skin problems and slowing down the aging process. To obtain the gel you need to cut off a segment nearest to the stem and scoop out the clear gel from inside the leaf. Apply to your face and let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Repeat each day for at least a week. 

Firming the Chest Area

Instead of viewing videos about breast implant surgery, consider less invasive options. Natural alternatives to breast implant surgery are available that will help to tone your skin without a permanent surgical procedure. You can begin by incorporating some daily exercise into your daily routine. Push-ups are an excellent muscle toning exercise. The repeated movement will be effective at building your upper body and arm strength—and also will help to firm your chest area. 

The types of food you eat can also make a difference. Fenugreek seeds naturally contain a high level of diosgenin, which is remarkably similar to the human hormone estrogen. It could be worth incorporating some of these seeds into your meals or taking a natural supplement containing this ingredient to see if this helps to increase voluptuousness.

Another seed worth noting is sesame seed. It is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants, and is also used in cosmetics, soaps, and medicines.  Research from the Department of Biology at Kerbala University discovered that the consumption of sesame seeds over the course of 20 days had an effect on the voluptuousness of the chest area.  

Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is a common issue among women and tends to grow worse as we age and the skin loses it's elasticity. Here are a few ways to minimize it.

A natural remedy made up of apple cider vinegar, water and some honey could help reduce this. Apple cider vinegar is naturally full of potassium, magnesium and calcium which can help reduce the presence of cellulite. 

Combine one part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water and then a spoonful of honey. Apply to the skin you would like to treat and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse off. Repeat daily for a month. If you see improvement, continue the routine to maintain smooth, cellulite-free skin. 

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