Weight Loss Trends Post Coronavirus

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Coronavirus brought many different areas of our lives to a grinding halt in 2020. Those of us who worked outside of our homes were forced indoors—and had to give up our hobbies, our favorite sports, our social lives, and even sometimes, our relationships. It has been a difficult twelve months to say the least, but luckily we seem to be emerging out of the virus and into “normality” once more.

Over the period of March 2020-April 2021, many people have reported that their weight has changed. More time spent at home and less time outside having fun, which has resulted in weight gain for millions of people around the world. Now that society is re-emerging, it could be said that our confidence as a whole is at an all-time low.

Whether or not you have had trouble with your weight or confidence, you might be feeling the pressure to succumb to the post-coronavirus weight loss trends that are circulating around social media. 

In this post we will take a look at effective weight loss strategies, how to overcome insecurities, and how to promote kindness when emerging from lockdown and back out into the world.

Why is there so much pressure for us to shed the “Quarantine 15”?

Have you heard the phrase “Quarantine 15”? It refers to the idea that the average person put on 15 pounds during the coronavirus quarantine, and now it’s time to shed those pounds. While weight gain can cause health problems over time, the amount of pressure we are under to lose weight is not proportional to the danger it poses. It seems our society is obsessed with losing weight, so why could this be?

It seems that we are placing a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the best version of ourselves post-COVID-19. It’s not easy to emerge back into society, see friends and family, after such a long time away - we assume that others will be judging our bodies, and taking notice of whether we have lost, or gained, weight during our time in quarantine.

Unfortunately, diet culture profits heavily off this insecurity. Many influencers and other irresponsible sellers will pedal quick-fixes that don’t work, simply because they know that desperate buyers will do anything to lose weight fast. 

So what’s the solution to this weight loss pressure? Let’s take a look at the two sides of this: first, how to feel more confident, and second, how to lose weight safely and effectively.

How can we all feel more body-confident in 2021?

Let’s take a look at how to look and feel more body-confident in 2021. We all have bodies of different shapes and sizes, and all of us deserve to feel proud as we go down the street, meet with friends, go to events and return to work. 

Revamp your wardrobe to suit your shape

If you have gained some weight over lockdown, it might be time to revamp your wardrobe. Wearing clothes that flatter your shape and suit your style is a great way to feel and look more confident in your own skin. 

You could contact a stylist to make sure you have the right idea, or simply take a friend with you for a second opinion. Having some fabulous new threads on your back that fit you properly can be game-changing for your confidence.

Follow body-positive people on social media

Social media is well known for making us feel insecure about our bodies. Celebrities and influencers can portray an image of perfection that most of us just can’t live up to, making it very difficult to have confidence in your own appearance.

One way to combat these feelings is to follow body-positive people on social media. Following plus-size models such as Ashley Graham can make you feel fly in your curvy body, rather than feeling less-than while comparing yourself to someone slimmer.

Talk to yourself like a friend

One trick that many psychotherapists use to help their clients boost their self esteem is: talk to yourself like a friend. If your best friend came to you crying about their weight, what would you tell them? You’d probably tell them that they are beautiful no matter their size, and that they’re worth more than their appearance. You’d probably tell them you love them for them, not because of their jeans size...

… So, try telling yourself that! It’s easy to be your own worst critic when it comes to your body, but if you look at yourself like someone else you love very much, you’re bound to be kinder to yourself than you have been in the past.

Are there safe, effective ways to lose weight for summer?

If you do want to lose weight this summer after gaining some pounds during quarantine, we’ve got your back. Here are three safe, effective ways to lose weight this summertime.

Reduce your calories by just a few hundred per week

Many people, when they begin their weight loss journey, do too much too fast. By shocking their bodies into a new regime or diet, they make themselves feel exhausted, and when they don’t see results, it is easy to give up and go back to old habits.

While reducing your calories slowly won’t yield immediate results, it will help with long-term, sustainable weight loss. By cutting just 100 calories per day, or up to 1000 calories per week, you will barely notice the difference in your daily routine, but your body will. You’ll start seeing results within 6-8 weeks, and this change will actually be achievable and sustainable!

Do gentle daily exercise that you can maintain

Consistency is key when it comes to losing weight, and just like with food, too much exercise too soon will only exhaust your body. Especially if you are combining your exercise with cutting out some calories, you don’t want to burn out your body, or you’ll return to your old ways.

Instead, do gentle exercise every day that serves as part of your routine. You’ll stop dreading exercise, and start treating it like something you enjoy doing daily, like making your morning coffee or taking a shower.

This exercise could be jogging, walking, pilates, dancing, conditioning exercises such as squats, or playing a sport such as football or tennis. You should try to find an exercise that you genuinely enjoy, as this will make it easier to stay consistent even on days when you’re tired!

It is also important to give your body rest when it needs it. Make sure you aren’t pushing your body beyond its limits, as this increases the likelihood of becoming injured.

Speak to your doctor about medications

If you struggle to lose weight due to a condition or hormone issue, you should speak to your doctor about medications that can safely help you lose weight, such as Saxenda

Certain medications that are prescribed by professionals can aid weight loss without subjecting your  body to chemicals or hormones that will damage it long term. Beware of “quick-fix” diet products - these won’t be recommended by doctors, and therefore shouldn’t be used. You should only take weight loss medications that are recommended by a medical professional.

Final Thoughts

It can be easy to succumb to pressure when everyone’s talking about weight loss. Whether or not you want to lose weight after quarantine, this blog will help you become more body confident, while giving you top tips on how to safely lose weight over time. Be proud of being you, no matter your body size!

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