Meet Maizy, the Fifth Grader Taking on Education for Girls — With Bicycles

Hi! This is Maizy from BraveBikes!

I am in 5th grade and I like to mountain bike in my hometown in Montana.  I also LOVE to go to school. I want to help girls around the world be able to get to school and be AMAZING, so I hand craft-button bikes to help buy girls bikes.

An education is critical to unlocking a girl’s full potential. But many girls in Malawi will never have the chance to complete their schooling simply because they have no way to get there safely.

In Malawi, less than a quarter of girls finish primary school and only 9% graduate from secondary school. Poverty is one of the main factors preventing girls from staying in school, especially at the secondary level where public school costs money to attend. But another prevalent challenge is the long commute to school, which can exceed 10 miles in each direction.

The solution is simple: a bicycle. A girl with a bike can go places – to school, to after-school programs, or to health facilities. GIrl Up's SchoolCycle initiative has a goal to provide 1,000 bicycles to adolescent girls in Malawi, changing the course of their future.

For a donation of $20 or more, Maizy will send you a hand-made button bike!

Learn more about Maizy’s project here.

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