TPP: The dirtiest trade deal you've never heard of

Tobacco giant Philip Morris is suing Australia for billions of dollars in lost profits because the government took action to reduce teenage smoking. Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is suing Canada for $500 million, just because Canada has laws to keep essential drugs affordable.
Worst of all, these cases are happening in secret international courts to which only corporations have access.
Now, details are leaking of two global trade pacts (called the TPP and TTIP) that would massively expand the power of corporations to sue our governments. Countries from the US to Australia and from the EU to Canada are negotiating right now -- and some could be just days from signing up.

Thousands of corporate lobbyists are helping to write these secret pacts -- but the public isn't allowed to see them. Global governments know that the public won't like these corporate power grabs, so they're hoping to keep them under the radar until it's too late to stop them. But if we can raise our voices now, we can expose these corporate charters and kill the deals forever.
Our governments are meeting right now to lock a deal. Sign the petition now to demand they reject any secret treaties that massively increase the power of corporations in our democracies.

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