Tiny house crowdfunding campaign—let's bless Evelyn with a home

As many of you know, freelance writing doesn’t pay all that much. But as a single mom, it has helped me to stay at home with my daughter, Evelyn, who has a seizure disorder and significant developmental delays—both of which are linked to a genetic malfunction. I've also had the freedom to write about what I love, which is an absolute blessing!

Needless to say, a stable home is very important for Evelyn. In light of this, a very dear friend has started a fundraiser for us. It’s a crowdfunding campaign for a modest tiny house. The beauty of these fundraisers is that every donation given (whether $5 or beyond) can make a huge impact through the power of numbers. By sharing this post and spreading the word, you can help the campaign reach its goal.

If you feel inspired to participate, you can read more here:


In gratitude,

Carolanne and Evelyn

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