Hubless Sada Bike Can Be Folded to the Size of an Umbrella


By Lidija Grozdanic

Foldable bikes have been around for some time, but Sada Bycicle pushes the limits of space-saving design by folding to the size of an umbrella. This hubless bike features a frame that folds away for maximum portability – it can even be packed in a regular-sized backpack!

The Sada Bike has a standard bicycle dimension with 26-inch wheels that are attached to the frame using an anchoring system. The entire structure can be folded with a single movement and packed in a container that can also be used as a backpack.

The design focuses on the bike’s space-saving advantages. Unlike most bikes, which usually get their strength from the tension in the spokes, the strength of the Sada Bicycle is put into the rim. This adds weight to the outside wheel, which can become a performance issue. However, the prototype is currently designed as a model for the city. The designer is seeking funding in order to further develop the design, which could allow him to tackle the weight issue and manufacture a model that combines light-weight bicycle design with high performance.

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About the author:

Lidija is an architect and environmental journalist. Going back and forth between writing and designing, she finds the two areas mutually inspiring. After graduating at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, she stepped into the uncharted territory of freelancing. She reported on the RIO+20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro, where she learned about the politics of sustainable development and caipirinha cocktails. Lidija has also produced work for Internews’ Earth Journalism Network, GreenUp Blog and eVolo Magazine. An incurable cinephile, she plans on creating a blog that will serve as an outlet for her obsession with cinematography and film production design.

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