DIY Spirulina Superfood Micro-Farm Can Prevent Starvation and Help you Survive Tough Times — Grow it Yourself

Create a micro-spirulina farm as an alternative to maintaining a full-fledged aquaponics garden and grow your own superfood to maintain good health, detox and provide nourishment during tough times. Economical and easy, growing spirulina is one of the best ways to ensure food security when times are rough. Exceptionally rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, spirulina can enhance the diet and even prevent starvation when food is in short supply.

One of Nature’s Most Powerful Plants

Prized by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, spirulina has also been used throughout the world to fend off starvation when famine hits. As a complete protein, spirulina contains all eight essential amino acids in a form that is five times more easily digestible than meat or soy. Abundant in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and beneficial fatty acids, spirulina is truly a wonder food. Not only is it exceptionally health enhancing, spirulina can also be grown easily at home for pennies on the dollar. Continue »

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