Cooking School: Chiffonade

A chiffonade cut can be used with any leafy herb or green and creates elegant, slender ribbons. For greens such as collards or swiss chard, make sure to remove the tough, central stem so only the tender leaf is used. 

Rinse and pat dry the leaves. Stack 10-12 leaves into an orderly pile. Roll lengthwise into a tight cylinder. Using a sharp knife, slice across the cylinder to create thin ribbons. For herbs, use a close cut. With leafy greens, a wide, one-inch slice works beautifully.


  1. Cool! I was doing this with herbs like basil and sage. Never occurred to me to extend this to other greens. Now I know what this process is formally called. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Happy to hear you find this useful. Thanks for your thoughts and visiting Thrive Living. Wishing you many delightful cooking adventures.