Herbal Remedies

  • A surprising Ebola treatment option: melatonin
  • Correct poor eyesight naturally with these tips
  • Maintain health this autumn and beyond with traditional Chinese medicine
  • Rediscover the healing wonders of raw apple cider vinegar
  • Ebola virus: natural treatment options the mainstream media ignores
  • Top foods, herbs and supplements to keep on hand in the event of a nuclear crisis
  • Honeysuckle: A sweet-scented remedy that calms inflammation, infection and contagious illness
  • Seeking a medical miracle? Cannabis may hold the answer
  • Six powerful ways to use lavender during the cold and flu season
  • Lifesaving elixir from poison? Discover the exceptional healing benefit of oleander extract
  • Grow your own "miracle tree" and enjoy a natural medicine chest and hearty source of survival food rolled into one
  • Mushroom found on birch tree holds promise as a potent anti-cancer tonic
  • Common backyard weed may curb cancer risk
  • Thunder god vine compound annihilates cancer in 40 days, researchers discover
  • Ward off cancer, protect against radiation, and ease irritable bowel syndrome with mint
  • 'Miracle grass' encourages longevity while dispelling disease
  • Recommended by Taoist masters, revered by athletes - Schizandra berry uplifts energy, sharpens the mind and enhances libido
  • Kindle passion, beat the blues and invigorate health with clary sage
  • Myrtle tree oil: An all-around wonder remedy for wrinkles, depression, infectious disease and neurological disorders
  • Autumn and the Season of Sorrow: Heal Grief Naturally

    1. Thank you for the Moringa info.
      I will be sending for the capsules.
      The seeds will be ordered for my brother in law
      LIKE your website Sharon

      1. Happy to hear that the information is helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I love reading herbal and home remedies and incorporating what I learn in my blog.
      So, nice tips.
      Have a great time.

    3. I truly believe in naturally healing things and here i got a bunch of information to know, thanks for sharing.

      1. Thanks so much for connecting—and I'm glad that you found some good information here. Have a terrific week!

    4. I'd like to know a 'reputable' place where I can purchase 'Thunder God Vine' aka Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F (TWHF).
      Thank you very much in advance.

      Karl Bergerson
      Sapporo Japan

    5. Hi Karl. Due to the potentially toxic nature of Thunder God Vine, I recommend you find a reputable and experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner or a trustworthy herbalist, who can set the proper dosage and monitor its effects.

    6. Since, I am working hard to lose weight fast, so I felt deeply interested in knowing is garcinia cambogia really effective in burning fat and shedding volumes. I am sure that the experienced people can provide me an answer.

      1. Hi Jaime.

        Sorry for the delay. If you still have the same question, I don't recommend herbs/supplements for weight loss. Instead, I would try intermittent fasting with a low-carb, high fat diet (coconut oil, olive oil, grassfed butter). Dr. Mercola has written quite extensively about it and offers many good tips.

    7. I just wanted to thank you for all the research you do and time you put into informing us of info that improves our lives and lifestyles. I also share your articles onFB. Many Thanks and Blessings

    8. I've never tried acupuncture Mississauga before, but this works, yes I can feel the needles go in, but once the needles are in, I can't feel them anymore and all of a sudden I'm asleep on table. Over the course of a month I have no more neck pain and I feel excellent.

      1. Acupuncture is truly amazing. Good to hear of your success!

    9. I am wondering if it is counterproductive to drink my morning lemon water when taking my herbs for parasite protocol? Should I keep these apart from each other?
      Thanks for all the great info you share!

      1. I would recommend keeping them separate -- take the herbs after 10 AM, which is when the liver finishes up with it's cyclical cleansing. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your cleanse!