1. Your web site is amazing. I am a seriously unhealthy eater with serious food phobias. I eat about ten difftrent things. This site uplifted me and taught me some great things.Thank you- Randace Rauscher

    1. Thank you so much! It's great to have you here.

    2. Try out Jesus Christ... healthy spirit... John 14:6

      He was crucified for our sins. Like the truth is never liked. And if you search, you will find it will all add up. Those who have Christ are very healthy people.

      There is also the opposite of christ,the antichrist. Nwo. New world order.

      We are conditioned to believe the Nwo doesn't exist, radio,tv tellsus so, but Hitler wanted the Neue Welt Order,it was his primary motive, and he made banners everywhere. Today it still exists, NWO, it is the beast, antichrist. Our beast leaders, who want to imprison us. Who dump poisons on us with them chemtrails, and poison our drinkin water with flouride.